Site Intro

Welcome to the new home of the Lone Star Regional Service Office on the web.  Please take a minute to review some of the following information about the new site to make getting acquainted easier.

Please contact  (email) us for an up-to-date order form of our NA literature… 


Some of the new or updated features of the site include:

  • Improved search function which can use as few as three characters to function or by product SKU number.
  • Product reviews can be shared right here on the site or via direct links to your login on social media site you use.
  • Save and secure account credit card information saving to make future payments easier and more convenient.
  • We will have more tools to communicate to you about what is happening with the Lone Star Regional Service Office via site blog and our Constant Contact tool.

These new features are just some of how we hope the new site serves everyone better.

Notice it is best to create a user account but our site is now accepting guest checkouts.  User accounts can be created before shopping and adding items to cart or an account can to created at the time of checkout.  Guest checkouts will ask for your billing and shipping information at checkout; however, will not be saved for future transactions.